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Welcome to Zota for Magento

Here, you will find all the tools and guidance you need to integrate Zota’s payment systems into your online store.

Simple integration

Zota’s payment gateway allows companies to accept alternative payments from all over the world. At Zota, we’re committed to open-source software. We support and maintain free and open eCommerce plugins, Software Development Kits (SDKs), and for more advanced use cases, native RESTful HTTP APIs.

Zota for Magento

Zota is a secure solution for accepting digital payments from customers worldwide, supporting the most popular methods in local markets to ensure that customers are not limited to credit card payments only. Zota for Magento allows users to select regions for payment methods, so that customers from Latin America and China, for example, will see a different checkout page with payment methods tailored to their local market.

Benefits of Zota for Magento

Online businesses benefit greatly when they integrate with Magento. They will be able to offer multiple payment methods, adaptable to different regions or countries, and customize their payment page to match their brand. With its impressive list of advanced features and numerous benefits, Magento is an all-in-one solution for eCommerce. However, the software may be challenging for beginners with limited tech experience.

Broad range of features

Magento has an impressive array of features for online businesses, such as marketing and conversion tools, customer segmentation, and more. Magento is a great option for anyone operating a larger business or corporation.

How Zota for Magento can expand your online business?

Once our plugin is downloaded, companies have the ability to accept payments immediately from both local and global customers. Zota is proudly connected to a robust network of more than 1000 banks, acquirers, eWallets, and PSPs, offering multi-currency support to companies with the widest range of local payment solutions available. This allows businesses to route between different payment methods under our PCI level 1 and fully customizable cashier page.

With Zota for Magento, your online business can offer:

  • A quick switch to the sandbox environment
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Full customization to match your brand
  • Country and region routing options
  • Underpayment and overpayment support
  • Status-change support

Getting started

Getting started with Zota for Magento is simple. Just visit the Plugins page in WordPress, ensuring you find the right options in settings. Setting up multiple payment methods is also straightforward; we provide multiple endpoints representing different local payment methods.

Zota’s Magento setup guide

To make life simple for Developers, our setup guides below offer step-by-step instructions.

Setup steps:

Click on ‘Configure’ to expand the Zota configuration sections.

First, configure and set your API credentials

Enabled – enable the Zota payment extension from here

Payment mode – set to ‘Sandbox’ for test transactions and ‘Live’ for real transactions

Merchant ID – you will receive this when you create your Zota account

Merchant secret key – you will receive this when you create your Zota account

Order description – this is a description message for your Zota transactions

Enabled – enable payment method on the checkout page

Title – the title on the checkout page

Endpoint – the merchant-specific endpoint ID for the payment method

Order status – the new order status after successful payment

Instructions – the description message on the checkout page under the payment title logo

Image – upload an image with supported payment methods and cards

Applicable countries – display payment methods for specific countries

Applicable regions – display payment methods for specific regions when the previous field is selected as ‘Specific countries’ and multi-select is enabled

Specific countries – the manual selection of allowed countries or those preselected with the ‘Applicable Regions’ field

Sort order – position of the payment methods on the checkout page

Supporting you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer support in today’s competitive online payments market. For sign-up and sales-related inquiries, please contact [email protected] or for any other support, please use [email protected]

Businesses can now benefit from the broadest range of global and local payment solutions available on the market. This includes the added advantage of PCI hosted payments and multi-currency support.