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Welcome to Zota for PrestaShop

Here, you will find all the tools and guidance you need to integrate Zota’s payment
systems into your brand new or existing online store.

Simple integration

Zota’s payment gateway allows companies to accept alternative payments from all over the world. At Zota, we’re committed to open-source software. We support and maintain free and open eCommerce plugins, Software Development Kits (SDKs), and for more advanced use cases, native RESTful HTTP APIs.

Zota for PrestaShop

Zota for PrestaShop is the all-in-one solution you need to accept payments on a global scale. Zota supports more than 1000 alternative payment methods in regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and more. Consumers can choose from the payment methods they’re most comfortable and familiar with using and not limited to credit card payments.

Benefits of Zota for PrestaShop

Online businesses using PrestaShop can benefit greatly when they add our module to their store, enabling a range of cross-border payment solutions and flexibility to conquer new markets. The module installation and configuration are very simple and don’t require any coding.

Broad range of features

PrestaShop offers businesses everything they need to sell products online globally, from a fully customizable online store to back-office solutions covering orders, payments, shipping, and more.

How can Zota for PrestaShop expand your online business?

Once our module is installed, businesses can instantly accept payments from local and global customers, under PCI DSS Level 1 certification. We offer the widest range of alternative payment solutions throughout emerging markets, proudly connected to more than 1000 banks, acquirers, eWallets, and PSPs.

With Zota for PrestaShop, your online business can offer:

  • Multiple payment methods
  • More than 50 processing currencies
  • A seamless and localized payment experience
  • Cross-border transactions and remittance
  • A fully customizable payment page
  • Management of cashier options (define the sequence of available payment methods)
  • Underpayment and overpayment support
  • Status changes support

Getting started

Getting started with the Zota-Prestashop module is simple and quick; simply install the module directly from the PrestaShop module catalog. We can provide multiple endpoints that connect to different local payment methods, making life simple for global online stores.

Zota’s PrestaShop setup guide

To make life less complicated for online businesses, our setup guide provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the module installation.

Setup steps


This manual describes how you can easily integrate Zota with your PrestaShop store. Before you can configure the Zota for PrestaShop module, you need to have API credentials, provided by Zota.


Installing the Zota module

The module can be installed directly from the module catalog and configured in the module manager. The configuration of the module requires obtaining the following credentials from Zota:

Merchant ID – a unique merchant identifier

Merchant secret key – a secret key, used for authentication

Endpoint ID – one or more unique endpoint identifiers to use in API requests

Once you have obtained the aforementioned credentials, and the Zota module is installed, open the module configuration page from the Improve section->Modules->Module Manager and click on the ‘Configure’ button in the Zota module.

General configuration

Select ‘Live mode’ – enabled or disabled.

Zota’s Support Team will clarify if they provided live or test credentials. For live credentials, make sure to enable ‘Live mode.’

2. Enter the merchant ID and the merchant secret key exactly as they were provided by Zota.

Configure payment methods

The Zota Support Team provides endpoints together with the credentials. Payment methods in the module should be adjusted based on the endpoints received.

1. Add a new payment method

2. Configure payment method

Status: active/inactive – This defines if the payment method will be used on the checkout page.

Title – the title stated on the payment method configuration will be shown to the end user on the checkout page

Description – the description stated on the payment method configuration will be shown to the end user on the checkout page

Endpoint – enter the endpoint ID provided by Zota

Position – this field defines the payment method’s position on the end user’s checkout page

Image – this enables you to upload a custom logo for any selected payment method to be displayed on the checkout page


Endpoint currency must be the same as your shop currency; otherwise, the end user cannot complete the order.

The Zota Support Team provides endpoint numbers with the specified currency. If you need any corrections in the endpoints, supported currencies, or payment methods, please contact us.

Customer checkout

Payment method configuration defines what the end user can see on their checkout page.

Configuration overview


Payment details

All the processed orders are available in the Orders section of the PrestaShop back-office. Orders processed via Zota will have an additional section: ‘Zota Payment Details.’

These contain more detailed information about the order itself:

Order ID
Order status
Payment method

You can find reasons for any declines, as well as card details and card type.

Overpayment and underpayment statuses

Some local solutions that Zota offers allow end users to deposit more or less funds than they paid. In order to highlight and track such orders, Zota’s PrestaShop module has two additional statuses:

Underpayment – the end user deposited less than the item costs

Overpayment – the end user deposited more than the item costs

When the status is either ‘Underpayment’ or ‘Overpayment,’ you are able to see the real paid amount in the Zota payment details section.

Underpayment orders can become orders with a payment accepted status or an overpayment status. The Zota module will update statuses automatically.

Supporting you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer support in today’s competitive online payments market. For sign-up and sales-related inquiries, please contact [email protected] or for any other support, please use [email protected]

Businesses can now benefit from the broadest range of global and local payment solutions available on the market. This includes the added advantage of PCI hosted payments and multi-currency support.