Build your own custom implementation
directly connecting with our HTTP API

Our Metagate API Documentation includes instructions with all the necessary information required for merchants to complete and maintain their integration with Zotapay.

API Integration Zotapay

API Integration

Zotapay offers integrations for Deposit and Payout. You will find all relevant information for connecting with our HTTP API in our Deposit and Payout documentation.

Zotapay Deposit API Integration - Documentation

Deposit API

  • Accept online payments from customers
  • Query for transaction status on demand
  • Get real-time updates for events that occur withing customer’s payment process.
Zotapay Payout API Integration - Documentation

Payout API

  • Accept payout/withdrawal requests from customers
  • Query for transaction status on demand
  • Get real-time updates for any event related to a payout process.

Other useful resources

Zotapay also offers some other helpful resources to be of help to any developer.

Signature Generator Tool

Merchants may find this tool very helpful for signature testing and debugging, with a dedicated section for each of the signing use cases.

Transaction Report Tool

At any single point in the time merchants are able to issue an Orders Report Request in order to receive a detailed transaction log of their account by a given date range.

Don’t forget before you begin!

In order to use this API, a merchant must first receive from Zotapay the following:

Merchant ID

A merchant unique identifier, used for identification

Merchant Secret Key

A secret key to keep privately and securely, used for authentication

Endpoint ID

One or more unique endpoint identifiers to use in API requests.

Businesses can now benefit from the broadest range of global and local payment solutions available on the market. This includes the added advantage of PCI hosted payments and multi-currency support.